Always On My Mind……

Happy Mother’s Day to my angel in heaven.  Although today is usually a tough one, I am smiling as I think about the wonderful memories I have of you.  Although I wish you were still with us here today, I know that you are watching over us and guiding us through this journey of life.  Today’s blog is written on behalf of my brother, Jason.  I am thankful for my brother.  He keeps my mom alive by his warmth, kindness, and love for his family.  He is a wonderful father and someone who I am proud to call my friend.  His tribute to my mom below is beautiful xoxo

On behalf of my brother:

I still remember dancing with my mother to “Always on my mind” by Willie Nelson at my wedding.  This was one her favorite songs and every time I hear it, I think about the good times spent with her.  The walking in the door saying “what’s up mom?” and her responding “What’s down!” times.  The calling Debbie a saint for putting up with me times.  And of course the big smile on her face when she saw her first grandchild Cole.   It is funny how a song or lyric can bring back a memory.

I hear Always on my Mind on the radio a lot living in Austin and for some reason I think she brought me here to Texas.  I truly think my mother was guiding my family and me here.   It has made me stronger and helped me understand how precious family is.  Family first is how she lived her life and living in Austin has taught me that more than ever before.  Thank you Mom.

See, my mother is not gone she is just looking after us all in a different way.

With my sister she is the wind at her back, pushing her each kilometer.  Making her stronger with every stride.  Showing her that she came make it to the finish line.

To my father, she is the “I love you” and the “stop eating junk food” in his grandchildren’s voices:)

For my family, she is the Texas warmth and soul.   Always gifting us with amazing memories and songs.

I love you mom and will never forget you.  Happy Mother’s day…you will always be on my mind.

Love Jason

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